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Guest presenter Rebecca Sullivan shares some old-time skills for using.

Jun 16, Once your lavender plant has had one year to establish itself, you’ll need to prune it once a year. The best time for when to prune lavender is in the spring just as the new growth is starting to come in. How to Prune Lavender When pruning lavender, it’s important to start out with a sharp, clean set of pruning treeclearance.pwted Reading Time: 1 min. Sep 28, If you don’t want your lavender bush to start looking tatty with dried off, brown heads, trim off the heads. You can use your secateurs to cut each head off just below two side stems of leaves.

After this time, replace them.

When to prune lavender Lavenders are native to windswept areas of the Mediterranean coast so they respond well to pruning and can become leggy and woody at the base without it. Conduct two good prunings a year, after flowering, to cut back half of the current season’s growth.

Jun 21, Twice-a-year pruning will keep it in check. Light pruning is best after the first harvest, followed by a heavier one during summer or fall. Use secateurs for a single plant and a hedge trimmer if you have many. Prune one-third to one-half of each shrub back after the peak of treeclearance.pwted Reading Time: 1 min. Jun 15, When you’re pruning woody lavender plants, it’s also a good idea not to prune all of the plant at the same time. Instead, work slowly, trimming back each branch, but never cutting into the brown wood.

You can trim branches back by one-third or one-half. Always be sure that there are green leaves still on the plant when you are done pruning. Cut flowering lavender stems when approximately three or four of the florets have opened on each stem to harvest flowers for drying or for use in floral arrangements or bouquets.

To harvest flower. Jan 27, A green cutting will root in two-to-four weeks, whereas a hardwood cutting will take longer. You can tell if a cutting has rooted by pulling it very gently. If you feel resistance, roots are probably holding it in place. Do this only once every few days to avoid snapping them. Once your cutting has rooted, you can remove the plastic bag. Nov 26, For most lavender varieties, pruning is best done during spring, summer, or fall after harvest.

It’s important to prune a few months before winter sets in to prevent frost and breakage from the snow. Regular pruning twice a year gives your plant time regenerate fresh flowers and stay in good shape for the next season.

Jan 05, Pruning Lavender Plants You can also prune back lavender if the stems get too tall or leggy for your liking. However, the best time to do this is in spring well before the flower buds arrive. When the first flush of new growth can be seen at the base of.

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