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The wider the hole the better.

Nov 25, Late summer or fall pruning removes the growth which then reduces the number of buds on the shrub. For a full blooming season, the shrub needs pruned as soon as the flowers fade.

This early pruning allows the spirea to grow new branches and still set buds for the following year so your bridal wreath spirea glows in your treeclearance.pwg: Inverness FL.

Aug 23, Never try to prune a bridal wreath spirea into a compact bush, or you will sacrifice its unique charm.

The dark-green foliage that comes in following flowering will later furnish autumn color in reds, oranges or yellows.

Trimming back so that it does not get too Missing: Inverness FL. Oct 13, Pruning. Bridal Wreath Spirea should be pruned right after blooming to reduce height and maintain the desired shape. Cut back a third of the canes, preferably the oldest and tallest ones, all the way to the ground. Do not shear only the top growth to preserve the plant’s naturally arching treeclearance.pwg: Inverness FL.

May 25, Bridal wreath spirea prefers a sunny or partially shaded location in almost any type of soil, and it doesn’t require any soil amendments.

In early spring after the threat of frost has passed, dig a hole as deep as the root ball and twice as treeclearance.pwg: Inverness FL. Feb 04, The bridal wreath (or Spirea) comes from the family Rosaceae and the cultivar Plena.

When planting this shrub, one must allow plenty of space around it to fully appreciate its cascading growth habit. It can commonly grow to be about 6 feet in height with a width of almost the treeclearance.pwg: Inverness FL.

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