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Serviceberry trees don't usually need to be pruned for the first 3 years, though.

Using a Serviceberry in your Landscape.

Dec 15, Serviceberry trees can be pruned drastically to create short bushes, but it also grows in small varieties that do not need to be pruned more than once a year. Prune the serviceberry using either secateurs or pruning saws – even if there is no evidence of infection, it is a good idea to wipe the blades with bleach between cuts, as this ensures that any infection is not treeclearance.pwted Reading Time: 3 mins. Sep 21, Use hand pruners for limbs less than ½ inch in diameter and lopping shears for larger limbs.

Make pruning cuts at a degree angle near a joint or bud.

Pinching makes heavier-branched plants and will delay flowering of July-blooming goldenrods into August.

Common serviceberry is a deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub with a drooping form. Prune common serviceberry as a single stem tree, which shows off its attractive bark.

Sep 03, Before pruning a serviceberry tree, you should examine the tree's structure to ensure that you clip the right parts. You should prune: Weak or dead branches; Thin wood with small buds; Interior crossing branches; Prune during the fourth year, and dormant trees should be pruned Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs.

Pruning Serviceberry. Serviceberries, or Amelanchier, are fairly small deciduous trees or shrubs that produce small white star-shaped flowers in spring, followed by red to purple fruits. The foliage is mid-green but often turns yellow, orange and red in autumn.

Although often called trees, these are technically shrubs with multiple stems. Oct 30, For this size plant, pinch back the plants in May rather than performing a more drastic cutting. Pinching makes heavier-branched plants and will delay flowering of July-blooming goldenrods. Jul 19, Tip prune new growth extensions in early/midsummer before they set next year's flower buds, and prune back to an outward-facing bud.

Encourage growth away from the house (toward sun) and discourage growth toward the house - imminent problem with siding/windows/maintenance. Feb 25, How to Prune Serviceberries. Like all trees and large shrubs, pruning your serviceberry will keep it healthy and help it to live longer. For the larger serviceberries, you can prune and maintain them as single stem trees.

If you choose to do that, keep an eye out for root suckers. Root suckers are how the plants spread in the wild.

Prune your serviceberries once a year in late winter or early spring before new leaves emerges. Remove dead, diseased or crossing branches. Leave plenty of the previous year' s growth; the plants.

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