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However, pruning a foot common lilac to 2 inches will mean forfeiting flowers for several.

Sep 21, Common Ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius) has cinnamon-colored flaky bark that peels off in strips. It tends to get leggy, so regular pruning is needed to maintain its shape. Use lopping shears for branches larger than 1-½ inches and hand pruners for smaller branches and stems when pruning Common Ninebark.

It tolerates full or partial sunlight, can live in moist or dry soil, and requires little maintenance except for occasional pruning after the plants have bloomed, to help it maintain its form.

Sep 21, Prune your ninebark shrubs in the early spring while the shrub is still dormant and before new growth and buds have emerged. Cut back any dead or diseased branches or any plant tissues that look compromised or suspect. Cut back to a point of healthy plant tissue and pull the questionable cuttings from the shrub and discard them. Feb 15, Most shrubs arise from multiple canes, which are long, relatively unbranched stems.

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The best means of maintaining an attractive and natural appearance to these shrubs is to prune with heading cuts. This is a type of pruning cut that stubs off the cane at about 2-inches above the treeclearance.pwg: Deerfield Beach.

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