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It grows best in well-drained, loamy soil, but it is drought-tolerant.

Do this pruning any time of year.

Feb 09, New nanking cherry shrubs need frequent watering to help the roots establish. Plan to water twice per week deeply. Drip irrigation helps to conserve water and reduce diseases by reducing water on the leaves. An established nanking cherry shrub is fairly drought resistant. It survives in areas with as little as 12 inches of precipitation yearly.

Aug 28, For home use, Nanking cherries are high-yielding and stay fresh on the tree for 2 to 3 weeks after ripening. It’s advisable to net the cherries, as the fruit is attractive to native songbirds. Routine pruning to control the height of the Nanking bush cherry tree will make picking the cherries Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Nanking Cherry Shrubs. Nanking Cherry is a fruiting cherry bush that produces edible cherry fruit for both wildlife and human consumption. The fruit of the Prunus tomentosa is commonly used in pies and jellies and is a good choice for wildlife plantings and treeclearance.pwg shrubs are moderate in longevity, having moderate water requirements, and a low salt & alkali tolerance.

Pruning - Through-out the Season. Prune in April, July-August; Deciduous varieties- no regular pruning is necessary. Cut out crowding shoots from mid to late summer. Evergreen varieties – shear laurel hedges in spring and late summer. Watering - After Planting. Plants typically take approximately 6 weeks to establish new roots in your Time: April-May. 2′-3′. Nanking Cherry is a broad, spreading shrub. It is grown primarily for its showy white flowers which cover the plant in early spring.

The flowers are borne sessile along the stem. The 1/2″ bright red fruit which ripen in early July are edible but a little tart for. Apr 13, The rule of thumb when pruning fruit trees is to do so when the tree is dormant during the winter.

Warning Do not prune this plant past midsummer and certainly not during the fall months when frosts are soon to follow.

However, cutting back sweet cherries is an exception to this rule. Sweet cherries are more susceptible to fungal and bacterial diseases, especially on recently cut limbs, so it is best to prune them in the late summer.

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