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These secondary candles will usually not even need to be shorten, unless.

Jul 27, That means that the tree will stop growing from any pruning points if you cut branches out of season. Instead, prune mugo pine in spring and only trim the new growth. Tender new growth on mugo pines appears as “candles” on the branch tips. To keep the mugo pine from getting too tall, cut the mugo pine candles in half in springtime.

This reduces the size the new growth will achieve in the season. Done annually, this keeps the mugo pine Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

You can prune branches back to side shoots or healthy buds in spring. More severe prune can result in bare branches that will eventually die. You may have to choose between the mugo pines and other plantings. As all the plants grow space and light may become limiting factors. Overcrowded plants are less attractive and more subject to pest problems. Next year, assuming the pine is the size you like, clip off the tip of the “candle (green center growth) on each limb once it is an inch long.

This will thicken the foliage and keep the pine small. If your proposed cuts will leave little foliage on the pine, prune it with a shovel and replace it with another small conifer. The right way and time to prune a Mugo is when the new growth (candles) sprout simply spruce them up (couldn’t resist the pun) by cutting the candles in half. Some people say “pinch growth by two thirds” but I let them get a bit longer and slice them in half with the pruners (secateurs).Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

Nov 22, When To Prune A Mugo Pine. Prune Mugo Pines in late winter or early spring when new growth (candles) begin to form at the ends of the branches. Pruning Instructions. Candles on a mugo pine are the tender upright shoots that emerge from the ends of the branches in spring. Oct 28, Avoid cutting off over half the length of a candle. If you would like to maintain a more dense and compact pine the main central candles can be cut back to half their length.

To make your cut on a candle, use sharp bypass hand pruners to desired length, or use your finger tips to snap them off. Oct 30, For this size plant, pinch back the plants in May rather than performing a more drastic cutting.

Pinching makes heavier-branched plants and will delay flowering of July-blooming goldenrods. May 26, Reducing the pine’s candle length, reduces the eventual size the shoot will grow to this year. Using your fingers to snap a pine candle. You will want to cut candles with a pruner or snap off with your fingers to reduce their eventual length. You have to do this before the candles become hard and woody in mid summer.

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