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It requires occasional maintenance and upkeep.

Mar 02, You should actually prune your spirea more than once a year, at least twice. Give it a good trim after it flowers in the spring by cutting back the tips of the stems to the top leaf bud. This removes the dead blossoms and also may trigger a second blooming and new leaf growth.

You can also shape the shrub at this treeclearance.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Trimming at the wrong time is devastating to the plant and can cause minimal blooms if they are all pruned off.

Prune the goldflame in late winter to early spring before new growth begins. If your shrubs are overgrown and woody, it is time for a more severe pruning to rejuvenate them.

goldflame Goldenrod bushes, pruning FL spirea

Prune out any weak, broken or dead stems with the bypass hand pruners. Cut back all the side and top stems to within two to three buds of the old woody treeclearance.pwg: Goldenrod FL. Oct 25, Fall is the time for the most severe pruning of spirea. With sharp shears, cut each stem back to about 8 inches (20 cm.) from the ground.

Don’t worry that the plant won’t bounce back. In the spring, spirea will reward you’re courageous pruning with new stems and plenty of treeclearance.pwg: Goldenrod FL. Pruning goldflame spirea bushes lightly as the flowers fade can stimulate growth of the branches that can again produce abundant flowers. Mowing can control the spread of the plants, it cannot eradicate them. As new branches would emerge, you will have to cut them again.

Pruning helps maintain the shape of the plant. Oct 10, Pruning 'Goldflame' Spirea ‘Goldflame’ spirea shrubs benefit from deadheading to remove faded flowers as well as light pruning to improve their shape and to remove dead growth. Deadhead spent Missing: Goldenrod FL. Start at the tips of your spirea when pruning by trimming it back to the leaf bud on the top. You also check of damaged or dead leaves and stems and cut them off.

Its oval leaves begin as a bronze-red color when they emerge in the spring and then transition to a bright yellow-green in the summer before finally turning an attractive copper-orange in the fall before dropping from the plant for winter.

3. Maintain the Good Shape. As you cut sections of the shrub, be sure that you maintain the shape. That means there is a need to adjust on some parts when treeclearance.pwg: Goldenrod FL.

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