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Homeowners often call their local nursery with a question: Why does my Persimmon Tree drop its fruit at an immature stage? Juvenile Persimmons. On a mature tree, first choice is often excess nitrogen/fertilizers.

Second is over watering.

trees falling on people, Winter Park FL

Most often I see the problem with Persimmons planted in a lawn where both treeclearance.pwg: Kathleen FL. In certain persimmon varieties, parthenocarpically produced fruit is highly susceptible to dropping from the tree before it matures.

In general, what we call a fruit is actually a fully developed plant ovary. The ovary is a female flower part that grows in response to pollination and fertilization of the ovum or treeclearance.pwg: Kathleen FL.

Nov 12, The amount of sun and water may be the cause of persimmon flowers falling off or losing fruit. Inadequate sunlight, especially as fruit develop, may cause the tree to drop fruit Missing: Kathleen FL. HELP! Persimmon tree keep dropping fruit! Hi all, I currently have a 7 year old persimmon tree and for the past couple of years have successfully had fruit with only a few fruit falling from the tree before maturity. This year however, it's a different story.

I have about 10 fruit falling from the tree Missing: Kathleen FL. Mar 10, Here are some things to look for when you notice leaves falling off persimmon trees: Water – While persimmon trees can tolerate drought for short periods of time, they don’t do well without regular irrigation.

Generally, they need 36 inches (91 cm.) of water a year to survive. In times of extreme drought, you need to water your tree. If you don’t, you will likely see leaves falling off your trees. Poor soil – While too little water can result in persimmon leaf drop, Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Oct 08, To harvest the ripe fruit on a native persimmon, spread a blanket under the tree and shake the branches.

Ripe fruit will fall off the tree, and unripe ones will stay. The fruit are best eaten fresh, but may be cooked or dried. You can eat firm, non-astringent fruit (from the Japanese persimmon) like an apple, but eat soft-ripe fruit by cutting the fruit in two and scooping the pulp out Missing: Kathleen FL.

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