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This tree: Features leaves shaped like spearheads, approximately 2–4" and 1½–2" wide, arranged alternately along the twigs.

Deer and witches' broom.

Small teeth edge at least the upper half of the leaf. Produces small, dark red drupes about 1/3" in diameter that turn dark purple as they mature in mid-autumn. The tree is very susceptible to damage in an ice storm. One especially nice cultivar is 'Prairie Pride'- quick-growing tree with a uniform, upright, compact crown.

Prune and thin the canopy to prevent formation rayco tow behind stump grinder, Bradenton FL weak, multi-trunk trees. Pests. The most common insect on hackberry causes the hackberry nipple treeclearance.pwg: Newberry FL.

It typically thrives in Full to Partial Sun and has a Inches growth rate per year. Once full grown they can reach a height of Feet and Feet in spread.

The fruits mature to red or purple and are eaten by many birds and mammals.

The Hackberry Tree does well or is tolerant in Moist, Well-Drained Acidic, Alkaline, Clay, Loamy soil. In fall expect to see the leaves transition to a beautiful hue of treeclearance.pwg: Newberry FL.

Tree Jim Robbins CC BY-NC-ND Growth Habit Jim Robbins CC BY-NC-ND Fall Color Form Jim Robbins CC BY-NC-ND Leaves Homer Edward Price CC BY Flowers Jim Robbins CC BY-NC-ND Fruits Mary Keim CC BY-NC-SA Bark Kerry Woods CC BY-NC-SA Corky bark Richard Murphy CC BY-SA Celtis laevigata reticulata setting fruit in early Missing: Newberry FL. The hackberry, while often forgotten by casual consumers, is commonly heralded by tree experts as “one tough tree.” Found on a wide range of soils east of the Rockies from southern Canada to Florida, these trees thrive in a broad span of temperatures and on sites that vary from 14" to 60" of annual rainfall.

Plant form of common hackberry. Hackberry (C. occidentalis) is a large native tree found commonly on river terraces and floodplains in southern and central is related to the American elm and after the arrival of Dutch elm disease in Minnesota, hackberry often replaced American elms both in native forests and in planted treeclearance.pwg: Newberry FL.

Hackberry - Pruning, Winter Care and Fertilizing - Hawks Landscape, Inc. Hackberry – Pruning, Winter Care and Fertilizing These trees should be pruned in fall after the leaves have dropped or in early spring, before the sap starts to flow (March). If needed, a few small branches can be removed in summer after the leaves have reached full treeclearance.pwg: Newberry FL.

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