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It's a very hardy plant, so if the soil is only a little bit too moist, just let it dry more. If the soil is soggy, repot with a fast draining cactus mix, not a potting mix with lots of peat. When you water, take the pot out of the dish and let the water run out the hole in the bottom. It should not be sitting in a dish of treeclearance.pwg: Middleburg FL.

Nov 14, The same goes for the temperature. If you suddenly move your Elephant Bush from the warmer area to cooler one (and the opposite), the plant may react by shriveling and dropping leaves eventually.

The ideal temperature for your Elephant Bush will be 70 to 85°F (21 to 29°C) during a day and nighttime temperatures should be 50 to 55°F (10 to 13°C). When it comes to humidity, try to avoid Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

Jun 06, i've had it for nearly a month. everything had been going alright at first.

Adequate water drainage should be a priority for any succulent's soil.

i saved a cluster of succulents that were grouped together at lowes prior to buying this portulacaria and it started dropping leaves and sprouting more that were alot weaker and would drop off almost as soon as it matured and then it just turned into a stick, i know now with having the tag from this recently acquired Missing: Middleburg FL.

Dec 11, pull it out of the pot see if its got root rot. if you cant figure it out find the best branch and cut it off and let it sit there in a dim spot dry for the rest of winter mby some sand no water till spring. you wont kill it by pulling it out and letting it sit bare root till spring thats what i would do right off the bat.

even if it is trying to grow right now that should kick it into dormancy. also cold put it in unheated garage or Missing: Middleburg FL. Oct 01, gingisnaps Middleburg, FL (Zone 9a) Sep 30, Hi, I'm a new gardener and planted many mexican sage in May this year. I live in North Florida. I had beautiful folage through spring and summer but recently the leaves started falling off and now the branches are completely bare except for the new growth at the bottom of the bush.

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