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If you are like me, digging up bushes and trees SUCKS. And never gets all of the roots up, unless you dig a monster hole. So here is a MUCH better way, and. Jun 21, Start by digging around the base of the shrub and cutting all the roots you can get at.

Then lay scraps of plywood on each side of the shrub. Set a jack stand or concrete blocks on one side and set up your jack on the other. Lay a beam across them and tie the root to the beam with a treeclearance.pwted Reading Time: 1 min. Oct 13, Remove Roots Using a Chemical Compound You will need a saw, water hose, garden sprayer or paintbrush, and glyphosate herbicide with an active ingredient concentration of at least 41 percent.

Once you have everything you need, use the saw to make a fresh cut across the tree stump and saturate the tree’s outer layer (just behind the bark) with treeclearance.pwted Reading Time: 7 mins. Jun 01, An easy solution to remove the dirt and hence lightening the shrub or bush is to hit the soil with a garden hose or even a power washer. If you hit the soil with some water pressure the dirt will simply wash right away.

You’ll be left with only the shrub or bush which can be cut up, burned, or moved to curb for treeclearance.pwted Reading Time: 4 mins. As a dedicated brush removal and land clearing company in Florida, Land Clearing USA of Florida uses state of the art equipment to provide you with the very best results for jobs of any size.

Our company services the entire state of Florida and we guarantee to get your job done on time and on budget.

Oct 29, If you don’t have access to a pickup, remove the branches from the bush with a saw and cut the stem close to the ground. Next, dig a trench around the bush to expose its roots. Once you can see the roots, sever them with your saw and dig down until you can fit your shovel underneath them.

Finally, lift the stump out with a shovel%(33). Jun 15, Using your garden shovel, begin digging up the soil around the remaining plant stump.

Bleach will kill most small weeds.

Continue digging until you expose the roots of the plant. Use your trowel to clear away as much soil as you can from each root branch. Depending on the thickness of the root, use either your handsaw or the reciprocating saw to slice through it. Dec 17, Score the exposed roots with your shovel or trowel to expose the inner fibers. Separate the roots from the root ball by sawing through the roots with. May 06, Several methods are available, but the simplest approach may be the best.

Pull back any brush that is on the ground and the mulch that might be around the stump. Start digging about 6 inches back from the base of the stump, and remove the dirt from around the old bush.

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