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E30/E36/E46 Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement The lower control arm bushings stabilize the rear of the front lower control arms. After about 50k miles the stock non-M3 bushings can begin to tear. When they do, the rear of the control arm is allowed to move farther than it should causing instability and a shake in the steering wheel when. Jan 02, In this video we begin removal of the lollipop bushings from the control arms of the E We then will install offset E30 M3 control arm bushings which shoul.

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Mar 09, First Cut off the head off each of the 4 trailing arm bushings: To remove the bushing follow this illustration (vise can be subbed for a C-clamp: To push the new bushing in again follow the illustration.

Although not required, especially if you are using a strong vise; lube the outside of the bushing and the inside of the trailing arm hole, it. Jun 20, Next, clean the end of the control arm and coat the end of the control arm with suspension grease. Press the new bushing/bracket onto the control arm till it stops. Now, position the bracket in place and bolt it back onto the body.

Torque the two bolts to 30 ft/lbs each. Now we have to install the new sway bar links. Jun 21, Comments: I do not know what the talk is about the control arm bushings on this topic. This is clearly a clutch job article! April 22, Followup from the Pelican Staff: I am not sure what you are referring to.

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The article and info supplied all refer to clutch. E Front Right Lower: control arm shaft removal. Showing 6 out of 7 Posts Show 1 Hidden Posts. Question From biil9 on control arm shaft removal.

i have a tubular upper control arm for an 89 mustang. i took off the bronze nuts on each end but i am not sure what the best method is to remove the control arm shaft. the shaft turns freely by. Aug 03, Front Driver’s Side Control Arm and Pressed-in Bushing/Bracket “lolli-pop” – (3/) This looks a lot like a boomer-rang.

One end has a pressed-in urethane bushing. The bushing came separate from the 2 bolt lolli-pop bracket that it presses into.

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