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In some growing conditions, the eastern red cedar never grows taller than a.

Removing the crown or top of a cedar will destroy its beauty.

While you can prune one-third of the top part of a cedar crown in the summer, do not prune the lower part. Select a cedar that fits. Jun 17, You can prune them once a year, towards the end of June through the beginning of July; a writer at Botanix posts that the best time to trim cedar hedges is.

Trim branches near the bottom of the trunk close to the trunk to allow you access under the tree. Make the first cut several inches away from the tree trunk by cutting the underside of the branch. Aug 20, Trim trees year-round in areas such as Florida and California because of the growing environment.

They are replacing lost tissue constantly and have plentiful sources of sunshine and water 12 months a year, Andersen adds. “You can’t prune large limbs off every day, though” she says.

Danielle Smyth is a writer and content marketer from upstate New York.

The industry standard is to never make pruning cuts. Jun 17, The ideal time to trim a cedar hedge is from early to late June, depending on your climate, after the lilacs have finished blooming. At this point, it has pretty much finished growing for the year, but its new growth will still be a lighter green than the previous year’s stems.

There is one exception to this rule.

Infection on the tree and damage to your property from falling branches can occur in any season, so don't wait for hotter or cooler weather to take care of the situation.

In summer, you can plant trees grown in plastic containers, rather than bare-root or balled-and-burlapped trees. Because containerized trees already have a healthy root system, they're less likely to experience transplant shock.

But, even trees grown in containers need lots of water to survive the summer heat.

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